Frequently Ask Questions

To facilitate the processing of your loan application, our Finance team will need the following documents:

  • Identity Card (IC)
  • Driver’s License or any valid government-issued identification
  • Proof of 12 months of CPF (Central Provident Fund) contributions or 2 years of Notice of Assessment (NOA)

A guarantor is necessary only if you are seeking a loan amount that exceeds 80% of the bike’s price.

We do not offer the option to take a loan from another company for the bike purchase. Nevertheless, if you choose to make the payment in cash, we can process the transaction as a cash deal.

If you are making a full cash payment, you have the flexibility to select from the various insurance coverage options offered by the insurance company.

However, if you are taking up a loan, you will need to adhere to the insurance coverage requirements set forth by our finance company.

The selling price, which includes COE renewal based on the current PQP (Prevailing Quota Premium), requires us to exercise discretion regarding the timing of COE renewal before your bike’s COE expires.

However, if you make a purchase without a loan, you will have the complete flexibility to choose when you want to renew the COE on your own terms

Our motorcycle prices are fixed. However, rest assured that our dedicated operation team ensures each bike undergoes a rigorous assessment and servicing before or after sales.

This process includes a comprehensive check for visible wear and tear, such as tires and brakes, to ensure that the bike is in excellent condition before it is handed over to you.

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