Yamaha MX King T150 (Y15ZR V1)


Original Registration Date: 02/12/2019

Coe Expiry Date: 01/12/2029

Road Tax Expiry: 01/12/2024


SGD 9,800.00


The Sniper, MX King, Exciter is the same chassis with different model name, and a class on its own in the underbone category. Designed for race and the streets, but yet it gives a superb fuel efficiency with its liquid cooled SOHC engine, mated to a 5 speed transmission. A legend in its own class indeed.

Bike is equipped with, RCB Brake kit, RCB brake and clutch lever, and a custom 2 tone paintwork!


Estimated Monthly Installment
SGD /Month

* interest rate is subjected to changes

* Loan period is to be at least 6 months before COE expiry

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