Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300RK6 (GEN 1)


Original Registration date: 11/10/2006

Coe expiry: 10/10/2026

Road tax expiry: 24/11/2023


SGD 10,800.00


The original Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa was truly a game-changing motorcycle. Designed with one purpose in mind – to prove that Suzuki could build the fastest production motorcycle on the planet – the Hayabusa was so well engineered that not only did it more than achieve its goal in life, it forced rules to be rewritten and remained essentially unchanged for eight years as no one could hold a candle to it in terms of performance, reputation or sheer street presence. Very few bikes can claim to have created the kind of impact on the two-wheeled world that the Hayabusa has. Like them or loath them, there is no denying that this incredible machine has stamped its place in the history of performance motorcycles.

Comes with street legal Scorpion exhaust


Estimated Monthly Installment
SGD /Month

* interest rate is subjected to changes

* Loan period is to be at least 6 months before COE expiry

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