Kawasaki ZX4R SE


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The ZX-4R series, which has attracted a great deal of attention since its announcement, uses a newly designed 399cc liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine in a frame that shares its base with the ZX-25R. This supersport model delivers 80 PS at 14500 rpm when pressurized by the ram air system.

The performance specs are equivalent to those of the higher class models, but the equipment also includes a 4.3-inch full-color TFT LCD meter, double disc brakes, a new electronic integrated riding mode that combines traction control and power mode, and a quick shifter. The new model is also equipped with a new electronic integrated riding mode that integrates traction control and power mode, and a quick shifter.

Despite this high potential of the machine, the engine specs are almost the same for the domestic version as for the overseas version. There is no reduction in power output in the domestic model, as is often the case, and Japanese riders can enjoy the same power as the overseas-spec model. However, the chassis weight has increased by 1 kg.

Two models will be introduced, the ZX-4RR and ZX-4R SE, while the standard ZX-4R will not be introduced. The ZX-4RR will feature the KRT EDITION lime green coloring and the same fully-adjustable SHOWA BFRC-lite rear suspension as the ZX-10R, with an emphasis on sports performance. The ZX-4R SE, on the other hand, comes in black and blue. They are differentiated from each other by standard equipment such as a smoked windshield, USB power socket, and frame sliders, which are highly convenient options for touring and city riding.


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