Honda CBR600RR


Original registration date: 11/07/2012

Coe expiry date: 10/06/2032

Road tax expiry: 10/06/2024


SGD 18,800.00


The Honda CBR600RR middleweight supersports screamer was given subtle tweaks, designed to give it more mid-range oomph and a smoother power delivery. New pistons, cylinder head and exhaust system bolstered torque between 6000-10,000rpm, which made the engine more flexible on the road.

Comes with Arrow exhaust, Brembo RCS19 brake pump, Zero Gravity windscreen, and many more!

Maintained by Tuck Life.


Estimated Monthly Installment
SGD /Month

* interest rate is subjected to changes

* Loan period is to be at least 6 months before COE expiry

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