Honda CB400 Revo LED


Original registration date: 17/08/2018

Coe expiry date: 16/08/2028

Road tax expiry: 16/02/2024


SGD 17,800.00


The CB400 super four is a sporty naked bike. It was conceived as an approachable city bike for the middle-size (up to 400cc) Japanese motorcycle segment. Motorcycle licenses here are tiered; generally most young riders only obtain the license for middle sized motorcycles.

It has a classic analog “2 eye meter” with odometer – tachometer , and there’s a small LED screen for fuel, gear and other useful info in between both.

Equipped with Rear top case!


Estimated Monthly Installment
SGD /Month

* interest rate is subjected to changes

* Loan period is to be at least 6 months before COE expiry

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