Ducati Panigale V4


Original Registration date: 13/08/2019

Coe expiry: 12/08/2029

Road tax expiry: 12/02/2024


SGD 62,800.00


After years of stunning V-twin sportsbikes, Ducati pulled off a masterstroke giving their top-of-the-range superbike a V4. It’s genius – the perfect way to move on a V-twin concept that had reached the end of its development path while still allowing the bike the soul it needs.

Comes with BST Carbon fibre wheels in satin finishing, Front Ohlins FGRT fork, Rear Ohlins TTX GP shocks, Gen 2 fairings


Estimated Monthly Installment
SGD /Month

* interest rate is subjected to changes

* Loan period is to be at least 6 months before COE expiry

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